First Enquiry

If you are interested in living at Leisure Life Village you can contact us on 02 4959 2235 and talk to one of our friendly sales team or send us an enquiry on the Contact Us page. We can then make an appointment for you to view the village at a time suitable to you. By making an appointment this allows us to serve you better and give you a full village tour, showing you the various homes for sale and the village facilities.

The Next Steps

Once you have made the decision to move to Leisure Life Village, one of our sales team will help you complete an Offer to Purchase. At this time you can secure your site in the village and select which home you would like to build. A deposit is required to be paid at this time, however it is fully refundable.

Normally the Offer to Purchase is subject to the sale of your existing home. If you can’t sell your home or circumstances change the deposit will be refunded.

During this time we will give you some information including the Residential Site Agreement (the site Lease) and the Village Policy which contains the basic rules and guidelines for everyone in the village to ensure a harmonious lifestyle for all of our residents. You can ask as many questions as you like, we’re here to help.

Once you have an offer on your existing home (usually conditional) your building can commence. At this stage you can discuss any changes you wish to make to the home with your builder of choice and finalise all of your colour and material selections.

When the sale of your existing home becomes unconditional, you can then sign the agreement with you builder so building can commence on your new home.

If needed an where available, we may be able to offer you free storage for your belongings that will be coming with your to your new home.


Generally, finance is not available to buy into a lifestyle village. Our clients normally use the equity in their existing home or funds from superannuation depending on their circumstances.

If you have any queries about finance please contact our sales team to discuss options which may be available to you.